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  • Nationwide Physician RecruitingIntroduction
    Health Care Recruiting understands searching for opportunites can be time consuming. Whether you are just finishing your residency, or currently in practice, your time is in great demand. Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary inquiries and dead ends. Experience has taught us how to identify those truly great opportunities. Presenting them to you is our privilege.

  • Opportunities
    Feel free to browse through our listings without any obligation. The opportunities listed here are current and frequently updated.

  • Registration
    An information request form that will assist us in personalizing your search for the right practice.

  • Family Info
    HCR understands that when you are anticipating a change in practice, you are not always the only one with interests to be considered. That is why we dedicate this section to your family. We just might be the only recruiting firm that does.

  • About Us
    Jim Ransom founded Health Care Recruiting nearly 20 yrs ago to fill a need in the industry.
    Marilyn Ransom is a registered nurse with ANCC certification in adult acute medical and surgical care...

  • Ethical Commitment
    It is no accident that Health Care Recruiting has gained the trust of hundreds of physicians, their families and employers over the years. We have always been dedicated to maintaining the highest principles in our business relationships. We seek out those with similar values in our association with clients, physicians and other recruiting firms.

  • Rexall Showcase International
    If you're interested in earning more money and working with preventive health care, you've come to the right place. By clicking on the Rexall link, you can view an online presentation about how Rexall can help you and your clinical practice. Please sign up for the free online newsletter to keep you updated with the current preventive health care issues. All addresses and information are kept confidential for your protection. Please feel free to contact HCR for more information.
Health Care Recruiting

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