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HCR understands that when you are anticipating a change in practice, you are not always the only one with interests to be considered. That is why we dedicate this section to your family. We just might be the only recruiting firm that does.

Mom and kids on playground slideOver the years we have welcomed numerous phone calls from husbands or wives of physicians seeking our services in finding the "right practice". HCR wants to make sure that your family will also find the "right community". We encourage you to have your spouse view this site and to call us. We consider this part of our service.

We want to know if they have professional needs that are of concern. We often can help even if they are not in the medical field.

HCR wants to help identify the type of community best suited to your family. Be prepared to discuss whatever you find important. Let us know if you need to be close to aging parents or where the kids can visit grandparents. We expect to hear your expectations about schools, neighborhoods, churches or synagogues, access to recreation, sports, weather, mountains, beaches or cultural events. What ever is on your list. We want to hear from you.

We place physicians and those they care about.

Health Care Recruiting

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