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Feel free to browse through our listings without any obligation. The opportunities listed here are current and frequently updated. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us so that we can dedicate a search to your personal criteria. We have other practice options that may not be included here. Additionally, our affiliation with other NAPR member firms and the most extensive national database, serves to enhance our ability to inform you of what is presently available in all practice specialties.

• Never a Fee to Physician Candidates •

Select your specialty - and state if desired - from the drop down menus below. Then Click "Search Opportunities" to find opportunities available for you.

Health Care Recruiting

NAPR Health Care Recruiting
Jim Ransom
61052 Ladera Rd, Ste.#400 • Bend, OR. 97702
541-382-1732 • Fax 541-317-9343
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